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Community Benefit

William Bee Ririe Critical Access Hospital is a public not-for-profit hospital district that continually works to meet the healthcare needs of our community. As a non-for-profit organization, any net income we earn is reinvested in replacing and expanding services for the communities we serve.

Our not-for-profit status brings with it certain benefits and challenges, but we always keep sight of our responsibilities to the community by continuing to improve not only the quality of care for individual patients, but also access to care for the elderly, the poor, and the uninsured.

Our Focus is Long Term

Being a not-for-profit healthcare organization means we strive to do what is in the long-term best interest of the people we serve, just as a doctor would for a patient. Our goal has to be community well-being.

Because William Bee Ririe Critical Access Hospital is a not-for-profit provider, we strive to maximize the resources available in our community. We are continually making every effort to find new ways to keep people healthy and ways to return them to health more quickly after injury or illness. We do this by focusing on prevention and treatment of patients at the appropriate and most cost effective level of care.

Business Objectives Support Community Benefit

As a not-for-profit healthcare provider, William Bee Ririe Critical Access Hospital and Rural Health Clinic both have one overriding purpose - to make a genuine difference in the many lives we touch by optimizing our patients' healthcare experience. We set a variety of business objectives to meet that purpose. These objectives fall into two broad categories: finding better ways to work and creating better value for our patients, employees, and the community. As we identify and achieve our specific objectives in these areas, we succeed in generating the income we need to fulfill our mission.

What is Community Benefit?

Community benefit is a term that describes the services provided to the community for benefit of the community. They focus on identified community needs and must meet one of the following:

Generate a low or negative margin.
Respond to the needs of special populations, such as persons living in poverty.
Supply services or programs that would likely be discontinued or would need to be provided by a government provider if the decision was made on a purely financial basis.
Respond to public health needs.

Standards for Community Benefit Services

The state of Nevada requires all hospitals to file an annual report on uncompensated services performed by the hospital. In the 2012 fiscal year, the hospital gave to the community nearly $900,000 in uncompensated services.

William Bee Ririe Critical Access Hospital has been taking care of eastern Nevadans for generations and has been an integral part of the community for 105 years. Our purpose is simple - to make a genuine difference in the many lives we touch by optimizing our patients' healthcare experiences. The numbers speak to our commitment.

William Bee Ririe Critical Access Hospital and Rural Health Clinic's Health Community Benefit Report demonstrates our commitment to providing programs and services that promote health and healing as a response to indentified community needs.

Both, uncompensated and charity care methodologies constitute the annual Nevada community benefit reporting.

Financial Aid Programs

William Bee Ririe Critical Access Hospital accepts patients regardless of their ability to pay. There are many different programs available to help those that financially qualify, though. To find out more information on any of these programs or how to begin seeing if you qualify please contact Angela Cato at (775) 289-3612 Ext. 143.

White Pine County Social Services
Vocational Rehabilitation
Victims of Crime
Women's Health Connect
Access to Healthcare
William Bee Ririe Financial Assistance Program
William Bee Ririe Clinic Sliding Fee Scale
William Bee Ririe 30% Discount Program